Yozo Office 2010

Date Released October 26, 2010 12:00 am
Operating System Linux::Windows 2000::Windows 7::Windows 9x::Windows NT::Windows Vista::Windows XP


Yozo Office was written in Java to run on multiple operating systems and was designed as a single integrated program. Yozo Office Spreadsheets, Text Documents and Presentations all share a single user interface and one file format.


Create professional looking documents using a full range of text editing tools, as well as insert Yozo Office Spreadsheet tables that update automatically. Import and Edit Microsoft documents, Illustrate ideas using Science Editor Images, apply style changes, check spelling / correction and formatting using dialog boxes, commands and quick keys with which you are already familiar.


A professional spreadsheet program for all your accounting and business needs, analyze and summarize complex financial and numeric data. Bring data to life using 3D charts and diagrams and link data to other reports, memos or presentations. When the spreadsheet changes all linked data will update automatically.


Delivery your ideas with high impact presentations. Ready-to-use design templates and graphics help you build professional looking presentations. Link data from Spreadsheets, Reports and Memos that update automatically when the source data is changed.

Yozo Office Science Editor

Add diagrams, charts and illustrated flowcharts to Yozo Office documents with a wide variety of professional drawing tools and designed templates. One click lets you add, create, and edit 3D images, as well as control the appearance of shading and other effects in all applications.

Macro Editor

Create simple macros to eliminate repetitive tasks or complex Macros for customized applications using Yozo Office Macro Editor. Integrated directly with Spreadsheet, Word Processor and Presentation, Yozo Office Macro Editor is a fully functional Java macro environment designed to meet today’s business programming needs.