yozo office 2010 for windows

Version 2010
Date Released November 3, 2010 12:00 am
Operating System Windows 2000::Windows 7::Windows 9x::Windows NT::Windows Vista::Windows XP


Designed by Wuxi Yozosoft Software, China’s leading developer of Office technology, Yozo Office is a fully functional professional Office suite with the look and feel of Microsoft Office classic. More than a clone of Microsoft Office, Yozo Office features patented technology, as well as sets a new standard in the development of seamless Office data integration. Spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations can now all be saved in a single binder and data between these documents can now be linked as easily as you cut and paste. Designed from the ground up as one integrated program. Yozo Office was written in Java to run on multiple operating systems and was designed as a single integrated program. Yozo Office spreadsheets, text documents and presentations all share a single user interface and one file format.

Yozo Office has everything you need to create elegant word documents, sophisticated drawings, professional presentations, dynamic spreadsheets, and more.

Yozo Office has the look and feel of already popular Office Suites. Complex jobs are simplified by moving effortlessly from one application to another. No extra training is needed when switching from Microsoft Office.

Yozo Office is a feature rich, fully integrated, full function office productivity suite that costs hundreds of dollars less than other popular office suites.

Open, edit, and save Microsoft Office files easily. Publish PDF documents in Portable Document Format without installing Adobe Acrobat. Yozo Office runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux, Operating Systems.

With the ability to manage even your most complex office accounting, text processing or presentation tasks, Yozo Office is the Next Generation of Office. No matter if you are creating a simple memo or working with a complex document base that includes spreadsheets, multiple reports and presentations, Yozo Office bring all your data together in a single file, using just one file format, that helps you create and edit complex documents with ease and simplicity.

To help organize and manage your data, Yozo Office uses a Data Object Oriented Repository System (DOORS). In simple terms we redesigned the file and data structure normally associated with Office Suites. Instead of three separate applications (three separate programs) we have just one program with three applications together that shares a single file and data structure. Data objects such as text, formatting and styles can be easily shared across documents, binder and applications.

Yozo Office’s unique file format (*.eio) and data structure also allows all related office documents (Reports, worksheets, memo and presentations) to be stored in a single binder eliminating the need to search for related documents. This approach is easier and faster than opening several applications and files stored in different formats for one related project. One file format also ensures 100% connectivity and integration between all documents. Yozo Office gives you the freedom to create complex office documents with interlinked data, yet still maintain data integrity and a fast response time, with updates to linked data in real time. It is so simple and easy to use you will wonder why no thought of it before.

Using Yozo Office creating data links between documents is as easy as cut and paste. Linked data in spreadsheets, text documents and presentations will update automatically.This approach to office automation saves time and money. Now when you change the bottom line numbers in a business plan you don’t have to hunt and peck through related documents to change data contained charts, text or presentations related to that change. Unlike other Office Suites these links also provide 100% accuracy and synchronization between the source document and other related target documents. If the data is updated in the source document that change will appear in the target document.