Yes! Include an additional Virus Eraser for Windows

Version Windows: 1 Computer 1 Yr
Date Released January 2, 2015 12:00 am
Operating System Windows 2000::Windows 7::Windows 8::Windows 9x::Windows NT::Windows Vista::Windows XP::Windows Server 2003::Windows Server 2008::Windows Server 2008 ::Windows Server 2012


Virus Eraser Antivirus includes a fully installed antivirus with all the needed features:

  • Files check system in real time for the detection of viruses and other malicious programs that try to penetrate the computer
  • Daily update of the database to ensure maximum work in a secure environment
  • Heuristic analyzer identifies new viruses even if records for its detection are not present in the database
  • Three types of scanning – quick (for verification of critical system areas); full (fully checked all the files on your computer) and custom (scanning at the discretion of the user)