Trend Micro Maximum Security

Operating System Windows


Complete Privacy Protection

Manages your social networking privacy settings
Safeguards you against email phishing scams
Provides antivirus and antispyware protection
Includes a secure browser for safe online banking

Complete Protection for your Computer and Data:

Safeguards sensitive files with the Vault
Optimizes performance with System Tuner
Includes a solution for securely storing files in the cloud

Complete Protection for your Family:

Includes a solution to monitor your kids on social networking sites
Restricts or filters kids access to websites

Security for Smartphones and Tablets:

Finds a device if it’s lost or stolen
Remotely locks and wipes a lost device
Backs up and restores data stored on a device
Identifies data-stealing mobile apps

Blocks Dangerous Websites

Protects against spyware by identifying dangerous links in websites, social networks, emails and instant messaging

Guards against Identity Theft

Detects spam emails containing phishing scams that can trick you into revealing private personal information

Provides Safe Search Results

Identifies safe and dangerous links in search engines so you can browse without having to worry about online threats

Protects Kids Online

Lets you restrict or filter website access for kids with powerful parental controls

Protects Your Privacy on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Identifies privacy settings on social sites that may expose your personal information and lead to identity theft