Text Message, GPS & FB Spy Pro

Version 1
Date Released April 24, 2014 12:00 am
Operating System Android


Need to spy on a cell phone?Need to spy on a cell phone, track it, read text, SMS, and MMS messages? Want the GPS location? It's easy! Install the Text Watcher application on the Android device you want to track, and you will get full access to their information, all sent discreetly to an email you provide. After subscribing, you will be taken to the app download, where you will get the Spy File you need to install on the target phone. Activation costs only $19.99 per month.
Latest spying technologiesText Watcher has been developed for Android. Using it you can spy on text, SMS, and MMS messages, plus GPS information. The app uses the latest spying technologies to retrieve data from the cell phone remotely; you just need to install Text Watcher on a cell phone once and you'll receive all desired information. The app runs invisibly, and will work even after reboots (power off/on).
How can I spy on a mobile phone?All of the cell phone's information is sent to your account through the Internet. If you'd like to track a cell phone in real time, be sure it has an active data connection. Once installed, Text Watcher will send all GPS, text, SMS, MMS messages to the email you input into the app. You can install the app on as many devices as you wish with a single purchase.


Privacy PolicyYour privacy is important to us. None of your information is stored or kept, and is immediately deleted, for example, we use a send-only email for forwarding texts, so that they are immediately discarded after you receive the email. Payments are kept secure via our secure checkout.