PROMO! Navigation map "Carpathians"

Date Released December 18, 2013 12:00 am
Operating System Android::BlackBerry::Windows Mobile::Windows Phone


For those who plan their holidays in the Carpathian Mountains NAVITEL® offers maps of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine for “Navitel Navigator” at special prices!

The “Carpathians” navigation map package includes highly detailed plans of tourist cities, comprising a wide range of POIs: hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, cinemas and other sites of culture and tourist attraction, sports and social facilities, shops, hospitals and chemists, petrol stations and maintenance facilities and many others, which will help you to find your way in a new country and have a great time, while instantaneous route calculation taking into account traffic situation will help to reach the necessary point in the shortest possible time.

The “Carpathians” navigation map package for “Navitel Navigator” includes:


Length of road graph (km)

Detailed plans of settlements 

Total settlements in the map


Czech Republic

144 309

8 355

20 535

64 997


100 778

3 151

3 969

23 710


691 270

6 804

62 290

224 357


117 641


14 483

27 837


53 708


16 576

14 271


48 554


4 174

1 941


1 111 383

1 194

29 957

98 220

  • Instantaneous calculation of complex itineraries
  • Routing through all maps of the package.
  • Extended hydrography.
  • All federal roads.
  • All regional roads.
  • All district roads.
  • Complete railway network and all railway stations.
  • Over 455 000 POIs
  • Navitel.Traffic” service for all coverage areas

Highly detailed navigation plans of cities include residential and industrial sites, and data for search of buildings of current postal addresses, even for smaller buildings in private housing areas.

All navigation maps for “Navitel Navigator” support automatic calculation of an optimum itinerary and voice guidance for informing about forthcoming manoeuvres.

The road network in city plans contains all roads and streets including information on traffic direction, road interchangers and roundabouts.

The “Carpathians” navigation map package can be used only with registered “Navitel Navigator” programme.

One licence key may be used only for a single device (smartphone or tablet) running on Android, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry operating system.

Please, note that purchased electronic licences cannot be activated in iPhone/iPad.