Inmarket Navigator 3

Version Navigator 3
Date Released April 29, 2010 12:00 am
Operating System Windows Vista::Windows XP


Having access to the status of “Business”

Individual Internet Office
– Course “Creating Web-pages and sites”
– The course “Working with Databases”
– Course “commerce” Electronic
– Three cells in the partnership structure
– Internal persoanl account
– Payment system with the possibility of internal and external transfers
– Participation in the Partnership bonus “
– Participation in the “Bonus savings program”
– Participation in the program “Trading Bonus
– Participation in the program “Super Bonus” (one cell in the structure of the program)
– Participation in the program “Management Bonus”
– Participation in the “Golden Bonus
– Participation in the program “” Price Bonus
– The possibility of placing products or services on the market Inmarket. (Service “My Market”)

In addition, this package also includes:
– The course package “Client”.
– Course packet “Mini”.
– The course package “Start”.