Coffee Shop and Restaurants is point of sales (POS) software for manage products, ingredients, stock, cost, profit etc.

Version 6.98
Date Released February 4, 2014 12:00 am
Operating System Android


Coffee Shop and Restaurants Apps is a point of sales (POS) software for manage products, ingredients, stock, cost, profit etc. for a small coffee shops or kiosk (1 cashier only). The CoffeeShop is a standalone software it can work in offline mode. The CoffeeShop support barcode scan and print sales slip. The CoffeeShop is a low cost system because android device is cheaper than ios or windows pc. Coffee Shop and Restaurants support 3 kitchen room and 10 order unit.


  • Create/cancel/view selling bill for customers
  • Create/cancel/view purchase bill to suppliers
  • Print Invoice for customer check (unlimit)
  • Print sales slip(1)
  • Create formula for product
  • Point system for get free items (marketing promotion)
  • Barcode, QR code scan for product, ingredients and customer
  • Reports of selling, purchasing and profit
  • Reports of product and ingredients inventory
  • Export any of your reports to CSV.(2) file for send and share
  • Backup and restore database
  • Share report and backup file to Dropbox, Email, etc…
  • Delete/reset selling bill, purchase bill, stock and member point
  • Automatic calculate ingredients stock   Example. Greentea Latte = Greentea Powder(10g) + Water(0.1l) + Fresh Milk(0.06l)
  • when you sales Greentea Latte.
  • Greentea Latte Cost = Cost of Greentea Powder(10g) + Cost of Water(0.1l) + Cost of Fresh Milk(0.06l)
  • Stock of Greentea Powder = Stock of Greentea Powder – 10
  • Stock of Water = Stock of Water – 0.1
  • Stock of Fresh Milk = Stock of Fresh Milk – 0.06
  • Support Main Menu English/Thai menu language (Printer output can select multi language, Check your printer and your divice front.)
  • Maximum 25 selling quantity per day for unregistration sofware, unlimited for Register
  • Head Office can view user status login, logout, location realtime. (Member Only)
  •  Automatic send data to Cloud when user logout. (Member Only)
  • Support Tables 0-999 table number.
  • Send order to kitchen room for print order, maximum 3. (Option)
  • Take order by android device, maximum 10 devices. (Option)


(1) Print by Mini Thermal printer only (http://www.tonnark.com).
(2) CSV is a common, relatively simple file format that is widely supported by business, and scientific applications (Microsoft Excel etc.).

System requirement:
* Android 2.1 or higher.
* 2-Megapixel back camera or higher and autofocus.
* Bluetooth enabled.

1. ZXing Barcode Scanner Apps is requisite you can install it on Google Play
2. Install Coffee Shop and Restaurants Apps
3. Please set your default language in tablet is English or Thai only.

Updated 27 Mar 2014:

Coffee Shop and Restaurants Version 7.31

  • Print Invoice for customer check before print sale slip.
  • When you select product item you can select favor or choice option. (Create option when you create product group)

Coffee Shop and Restaurants Version 6.98 :

  • Edit / Cancel Bill.
  • Move Table.
  • Marge Table.
  • Serch item product from catagory on take order device or Cashier.

Updated 7 Mar 2014 :

Coffee Shop and Restaurants Version 6.80 :

  • add function create category
  • window PC enabled with virtual box

Windows Printer Server Version 5.51 :

  • support normal slip printer. Use combine with Windows Printer Sever. Link download Windows Printer Server  Download
  • Select Front, Size, Adjust paper size.